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I had the privilege of working with Lino as my career coach during a pivotal transition in my professional life.

From refining my resume to enhancing my LinkedIn profile, Lino's expertise was evident in every aspect of his coaching.

His insightful feedback and tailored advice prepared me exceptionally well for the competitive job market. For anyone looking to elevate their career,I highly recommend Lino.

His dedication and personalized approach not only boost your professional persona but also instill a deep-seated confidence that is crucial during job interviews.

Lino isn't just a coach; he is a mentor who genuinely invests in your success.


Lino isn’t just a coach; he is a mentor who genuinely invests in your success. | Apr, 2024

Lino Ferrara is the best recruiter I been in touch with, given me a proper advise and valuable insights into the job market.

He guided me throughout the whole process of revamping my resume and get the most relevant of my experience for ha ing a very successful interview.

Fundamentals are important but the coaching and how he read your aspirations is crucial.

I strongly recommend Lino to anyone who is looking for a great professional and an effective way to find what you really want in your career.

Thanks a lot Lino


Lino Ferrara is the best recruiter I been in touch with! | Sep, 2023

When it comes to working with a "Top Notch Career Coach" Lino Ferrara is it!

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Lino during a pivotal time in my career where I received his support to navigate through the ever-changing job market. He has helped me gain the confidence in my abilities and mindset and reach my true potential. His extensive knowledge in the industry as recruiter and career coach coupled with his professionalism, personality and honesty was exactly what I needed.

The program included resume, LinkedIn Optimization and career coaching which is worth the cost alone of the program. He prepared me for the interview process with practice sessions and how to respond to the questions straight and to the point.

Lino is personable and truly makes each interaction meaningful and enjoyable. I have the utmost respect for him and commend him on his dedication to his industry. His passion and enthusiasm for his business shines through every time you talk to him. He goes so far and above for what his cost is for the program he truly delivers.

I would highly recommend Lino if you are looking to make your next career move or to update your resume and LinkedIn for a job search. Lino was named one of Linkedin's 15 LinkedIn Experts in Toronto by Influence Digest, an award he truly deserves and has worked hard for as he is highly respected and the best in his field.

Thank you, Lino, it has been a true pleasure and honor to have worked with you on this journey! You are more then a career coach you are a friend.


When it comes to working with a “Top Notch Career Coach” Lino Ferrara is it! | Jul, 2023

Working with Lino was a great experience for me. After looking for a job for more than eight months, he had a straightforward approach to me. He helped me gain confidence in my abilities.

Having been out of practice in job searching, and market demand has changed significantly since my last attempt at job finding, Lino was the one who provided me with the tools for getting back into the proper method of employment searching and selling myself for jobs.

Lino has an extensive network and can open many opportunities for you.

Lina has extensive experience in employment research from both sides (Employer & Employee). He shows you how to sell yourself correctly to the appropriate interlocutors for each interview step and process.

Thank you, Lino. I appreciate your help.


Thank you, Lino. I appreciate your help | Jul, 2023

Hello Lino,

I really value the discussions we've had over the previous three months.

Although we only spoke at length twice, your expertise and breadth of knowledge pertaining to resume writing, Job search, and interviewing were readily apparent.


Hello Lino | Jun, 2023

Lino is an experienced professional that helps you get results in all facets of your job search, but more importantly he brings a human approach to his services.

If you are looking for someone with attention to detail and the willingness to help support you through the ups and downs of a job search I would not hesitate to reach out to Lino.


Lino is an experienced professional that helps you get results | Feb, 2023

Lino, has been a great value,

He is a great listener and has assisted me in updating resume, and LinkedIn profile with added tips on regarda to hosting and attending interviews.

I definitely recommend him for your Resume, LinkedIn and career needs...


I definitely recommend Lino for your Resume, LinkedIn and career needs! | Jan, 2023

Lino has been a huge help guiding me through my resume writing process as well understanding LinkedIn.

Lino is very personable and clear.

He has helped me to visualize my potential and I look forward to moving toward a brighter future with a fulfilling career, thanks to Lino's expertise.


Lino is very personable and clear! | Jan, 2023

I had a great experience working with Lino in my career transitioning, an excellent listener able to provide valuable guidance and support in the preparation of my career action plan.

He is prompt, responsive and easy to work with, all critical variables when navigating a career change.

Drawing on our discussions he was able to develop an effective and polished resume that effectively showcased my skills and accomplishments highlighting my unique strengths and communicating these in a manner that will stand out to potential employers.

I highly recommend Lino for anyone looking to take their career to the next level.


I highly recommend Lino for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. | Jan, 2023

Lino provided me with great assistance, help, guidance, and advice in my career search.

The new resume and updated LinkedIn PROFILE Lino made for me resulted in multiple interviews and 3 job offers! Always there to answer my calls and emails and give me insightful advice.

The practice interview sessions prepared me for interviews with potential employers.

I would highly recommend Lino for your career search!


I would highly recommend Lino for your career search! | Nov, 2022

I had the pleasure of working with a Lino during my quest for my next adventure.

Lino has a keen ability to bring recruiting matters into perspective, establish a plan that best suits your needs, and most importantly, coaching through the process and follow up.

I highly recommend reaching out to Lino if you are looking for your next career move.


I highly recommend reaching out to Lino if you are looking for your next career move. | Oct, 2022

I had the great pleasure of working with Lino Ferrara as I transitioned my career this year. His sage and well thought out counsel guided me as I realized what my true career objectives are.

From there, we worked together to establish my development strategy and he advised me when I had to decide which opportunity was best suited for me and my career plan.

His professionalism is matched with great humanity. He truly cares about helping his clients. In fact, I did not feel like a client but rather a friend.

I am grateful for his coaching and highly recommend him to anyone looking to further their career and professional growth.


Lino truly cares about helping his clients. | Oct, 2022

Lino was instrumental in helping me stand out.

He did a fantastic job coaching me, helping develop my resume and Linkedin profile.

I would strongly recommend Lino!


I would strongly recommend Lino! | Oct, 2022

Lino is an OUTSTANDING career coach who goes above and beyond his role. He worked closely with me during my career transition providing valuable expertise to anyone who is looking for a career change. ino revitalized my entire resume and LinkedIn to suit my background and skills I failed to indicate. His passion in career coaching can be seen and as a result, he definitely made an impact and positive contribution to my career.

Lino really makes a difference as a leader, mentor and career coach.

Highly recommend all services Lino provides whether that is in recruitment or career coaching.


Lino is an outstanding Career Coach! | Jul, 2022

If you've been in the workforce for a while, in your middle-age and are co soldering a career change, go for it!

But talk to Lino first. A lot has changed in applying for a job in the last decade or two and Lino can help you prepare and navigate today's job market challenges through cleaning up your resume , getting to know you and your goals and helping prepare for interviews. Lino will stick with you for months if needed and help you every step of the way.

The most important benefit I found from working with Lino, is that he understands that big life changes are a bit scary, walks you through those feelings and helps build the confidence that you CAN be a competitive job seeker, especially if you are competing with other candidates decades younger than you.

Thank-you Lino for helping me realize my dream of a mid-life career change and landing a great position at a wonderful company!


Thank-you Lino for helping me realize my dream of a mid-life career change | Jul, 2022

Lino helped me to change the course of my entire career in just a few short months.

His coaching abilities are hands down the best I have ever experienced.

He prepared me for every interview, rebuilt my resume to reflect ALL of my skills and experiences and he followed up with me regularly until I found the perfect job.

Lino, you charge far too little for the value you bring to the table.

Glad to have you as my career coach and friend!



Lino helped me to change the course of my entire career in just a few short months. | Feb, 2022

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lino! He is an excellent career coach, very knowledgeable and approachable. Lino worked with me to improve my resume and optimized my LinkedIn profile. He also gave me invaluable advice for job search that I did not know before including secret job markets and interview skills.

Lino is also very responsive and flexible with his schedules. Within just a month of working with Lino, I was approached by multiple recruiters and had more interviews than I ever had in a year!

With Lino's help, I was able to land a new job that is suitable to my experience with a significant pay increase. I highly recommend Lino for anyone looking for a new job opportunity or advancing their career!

Thank you so much Lino for all your support throughout my job search.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Lino! | Jan, 2022

I must say Lino is an amazing human being and excellent professional.

A friend of mine recommended his work and I'm very satisfied with his service.

Thank you so much Lino!


Thank you so much Lino! | Jan, 2022

Lino is an excellent career consultant and recruiter.

His clear communication and down to earth approach makes it easy to work with him.

I highly recommend Lino to anyone who wants honest and straightforward advice and support for their career


Lino is an excellent career consultant and recruiter. | Jan, 2022

When it comes to working with a 'Top Notch Recruiter' - Lino Ferrara is it!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lino during a pivotal time in my career where I not only received his support to navigate through - I received his wonderful friendship as well! Going on 10 years now!! 

Lino's professionalism, coupled with his his deep knowledge of the industry, many business connections, etc., Took the time to deeply understanding my situation and connected everything so quickly. My job search was short and wonderful!

I would recommend Lino to all my colleagues and friends if there is ever a time where career search support is required. Lino is a vested, dedicated, communicative, thorough, responsive and caring individual - who's mission/passion is to assist in finding that perfect fit, while ensuring his Client feels well supported during the whole process.

Lino is personable and truly makes each interaction meaningful and enjoyable. I have the utmost respect for this gentleman and commend him on his dedication to his craft!

Thank you for all your support and friendship - Lino!


When it comes to working with a ‘Top Notch Recruiter’ - Lino Ferrara is it! | Jan, 2022

I had reached out to Lino from a post he made on linked in. Almost immediately Link responded in a very supportive and reassuring way to help in my job search.

After reviewing my resume and numerous discussions Lino hammered out a direction for a career path that I had never really considered. We cleaned up my resume and cover letters. Lino then guided me through properly setting up job alerts through various sites. He then offered to review all alerts that came in to see what was appropriate and what was not.

In the end I was called for a position that I applied to before and Lino prepped a few dry run interviews, salary discussions and I landed the job. Our next step is to apply internally to positions better suited to my skill set. Lino helped me get in the door.

Strongly recommend contacting Lino if you are looking for work or a career change.

Thank you Sir.


Thank you Sir. | Nov, 2021

I was so fortunate to work with Lino towards writing my resume and optimizing my LinkedIn profile.

He is knowledgeable, organized, and caring about his customers.

I simply landed a job within 7 weeks after working with Lino.
His advice helped me a lot to professionally present myself.

Thank you, Lino.


Thank you Lino! | Sep, 2021

As soon as I had my resume written by Lino I was pretty aggressive with applying for various positions and networking with the person the role would report into.

I'm very excited as I signed an offer for a dream job two weeks ago.

I had two other positions in the sports industry offered to me and I also had an opportunity offered to be an Account Executive with a book publisher.

Thank you for your help with my resume as it certainly paid off and I'm thrilled to begin this new chapter.


Thank you for your help with my resume! | Aug, 2021

Hi Lino.....thank you so much for uplifting compliment.

Thank you so much for the few pieces of guidance you gave me on my resume and cover letter.

You are amazing. THANK YOU.



Hi Lino | Aug, 2021

Experience vs education moot point with Lino. He delivers. Lino and I worked together on my resume and interview skills. His knowledge, experience, and guidance are clear and effective.

Some things that stood out, swift response, always available to answer questions and discuss opportunities, great job search tips and advice.

Positive attitude who cares about my success.

Thank you, Lino!


Thank you, Lino! | May, 2021

Lino is an effective, hands-on, knowledgeable recruiter/resume writer.

He worked with me to write me a great resume that resulted in multiple interviews and job offer.

Always available even on weekends to answer any questions and worked with me to prepare for interviews.

Great listener and positive with lots of tips and advice.


Thank you Lino | May, 2021

Lino is in a class of his own in this industry.

Not only does he bring a vast amount of knowledge, experience and connections to your job search, but more importantly, he truly cares about helping his candidates find the right career opportunity!

Thank you.


Career Caoching | Feb, 2021

HI Lino,

I would like to thank you (THANK YOU) for the time you have taken to help me with these resume details and for these sites.

You are kickass and amazing.

I am working on my resume now....when it's done I will resend.

Warmest regards,


You are kickass and amazing. | Feb, 2021

Working with Lino has been a great experience.

It's been ten years since I have looked for a job and Lino has caught me all up to speed with my resume and interview techniques. He is very knowledgeable and willing to help and give advice. He will check on me often and ask me for updates making sure my goals are still on track.

Thank you Lino!!!!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Best regards


Working with Lino has been a great experience. | Dec, 2020

Lino is an approachable confidant and coach for resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization who adds good value to anyone pursuing career development and personal branding.
His advice is sound and his method of engagement is very comfortable and tailored to individual needs.

Connect with Lino; you will enjoy the conversation.


Connect with Lino; you will enjoy the conversation. | Dec, 2020

Thanks Lino.

I am sure you don't recall helping me many years ago.

You had offered advice on improving my resume and career direction although you didn't have an opportunity that was a good fit at the time.

It is fun how a small act of kindness makes you stand out from other recruiters.

Thank you for that advice.


Thanks Lino! | Oct, 2020

Hi Lino,

You have one of the best LinkedIn profiles I have come across.

Thank you for all the advice and tips that you share.


Hi Lino | Oct, 2020

Hi Lino,

Thank you for helping me with my resume that resonated with me and career goals.

Thank you for making me realize my potential and always looking out for me.

I really appreciated it and was lovely to work with someone who really believed in me and pushed me to do the same!


Hi Lino! | Oct, 2020

Thank you Lino! 

And thank you for being there throughout the last few months.

I will always appreciate you looking out for me and all the great information and tips you gave me for my resume and job search.


Thank you Lino! | Jun, 2020


It was a pleasure working with you. Your continuous support and lookout was unmatched.

So refreshing to have worked with someone who looked out for my own interests.


Lino, Thank you. | May, 2020


I will never forget you - as you started my life back on a super path with a wonderful company to work with.  Your belief in me to present me and look at me now!

You are awesome


Thank you Lino | Feb, 2020

Lino - thank you again, I really appreciate your guidance, assistance and clarity. Your advice and help with my resume and LinkedIn profile did the trick and allowed me to connect with the right hiring manager.  I landed the job that I was looking for!


Thanks! | Jan, 2020

Hi Lino, Thank you very much for the phone call today, I really appreciate the time. The candid discussion on current recruitment strategies was also refreshing to hear! I look forward to hearing from you should any opportunities arise.

Many thanks again!


Lino | Dec, 2019

Hello Lino,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to start by thanking you for all your guidance and support throughout my journey in changing careers, I really appreciate it.You gave me the guidance to know what was important to me in my job search.


Thank you Lino | Nov, 2019

"I haven't really worked with recruiters in the past but I would highly recommend Lino to anyone seeking help with finding the right job/career! He reached out to me regarding a position and was very honest and upfront about the expectations, salary, culture etc. He took the time to sit down with me and talk about what I wanted and pointed me in the right direction and set up an interview with the right company. After things did not work out with that company, I reached out to him and thought I would never hear back from him. He responded immediately, ensured me that it was an unfortunate situation and worked with me for over a month to find me a position at another company that he thought would be more suitable. I am still working for that company and am extremely pleased with the results. Not only do I respect his honesty, work-ethic and professionalism, but also over time I have come to think of Lino as a friend who has my best interests in mind. 10/10 experience!"


Thank You | May, 2016


Hope you've been well.

You gave me the skills, credentials and confidence to get hired for the best job I've ever had.

Thank you very much.


Lino | Feb, 2016

One meeting with Lino and I'm already in a strong position to vouch for his resourcefulness!

His insights about the Canadian job market and more specifically about my profile/resume et al were absolutely spot on. In the 6 + years of my professional existence, I have spoken with/met countless recruiters but haven't really come across a more genuine listener than Lino. He doesn't beat around the bush and is totally upfront as far as career advice is concerned which, to me, is a game changer!

Whether you're a job seeker or someone who's just looking for earnest career advice, I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Lino.


Lino | Feb, 2016

Lino was imperative in securing my new role in environmental and health and safety consulting. He was attentive, helpful and patient throughout the process. I am very grateful for his perseverance and expertise in finding me a role that suited my education and skill level."

Thank you

Happy New Year,


Hi Lino | Jan, 2016

I first met Lino in 2008 and was impressed with his strategic approach to the requisition process and talent acquisition. He is methodical about aligning his candidates skill set and credentials with his clients needs that have a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties. Thank You Lino, I am confident I am going to enjoy your contribution to my success.


Hi Lino, | Aug, 2015

"I had the pleasure to meet and work with Lino Ferrara through Summit Employment Solutions during my job search process. Lino is very dynamic in terms of establishing an effective relationship with his clients. Based on my experience with Lino he has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, outstanding character as well as loyalty and kindness. Lino is a true gentlemen a diligent and hardworking individual a trainer a mentor and a friend. Lino demonstrates concrete knowledge about the work force industry and is willing to teach and assist individuals seeking professional help. Furthermore, his ability to pay close attention to detail makes him an excellent recruiter. Lino does an outstanding job in determining one's skills and provides valuable feedback by outlining suggestions in areas that may need improvement. A quality I really did appreciate about Lino was his constant ability to stay connected with his clients and willingness to see them succeed. Lino is reliable, trustworthy and has a great personality that allows you to adjust comfortably. Shortly after meeting with Lino I was offered a professional sales position. I immediately began making new connections as well as developing personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend Lino for anyone looking to launch any professional career as well as anyone who is willing to open doors for future opportunities. "

Shahab | Jun, 2015

I submitted my resume to his company and was quickly contacted by Lino within a day for a phone interview. From there, Lino took over and within 3 days I landed an interview and a job offer with a company that perfectly aligned with my skill sets, experience and career path. Lino was a consummate professional, he knew what I wanted and he delivered!

Jelili | May, 2015

I have known Lino for over 10 years and since that time he has shown to be honest, intuitive, dynamic, a great listener and a very patient individual. His ability to place the right candidate to the appropriate career by listening to the needs and understanding the capabilities of his candidates makes him an excellent recruiter. He always has the interests of all parties involved and carefully places candidates into suitable positions. His personable approach most often leads to repeat business and long term relationships with many individuals


Lino | Apr, 2015

"I had the pleasure to work with Lino during my job search and three things stood out through our interactions. He is motivating, able to deliver on his promises, and extremely honest. He pointed me in the direction my career should go and it was extremely satisfying landing a job with his assistance. He is probably also the only person who would tell you, "If you can't work with the interviewer, you are not going to want to work with the company." I highly recommend Lino for any persons in any positions."

David W.

Hi Lino | Mar, 2015

"Lino is a standout talent as a recruiter. He looks out for your best interest but at the same time asks you the hard questions. I was in awe with Lino's ability to command a room and how his friendliness makes you feel like the important one and a colleague of equal footing immediately. If you're looking for a career, a new career path or even a tad lost with where your life is going I highly recommend getting in contact with Lino as he will get the engine revving and have you set on an exciting new life adventure. Fact is no matter what your goal is prior to meeting with Lino, afterward you will undoubtedly be better equipped to achieve your hopes and dreams. "

David | Feb, 2015

"In transitioning to a new position with a new company I couldn't have asked for a better person work with than Lino. He worked around my work schedule and communicated promptly and concisely. Great guy and very flexible."

Thanks again.


Hi Lino | Oct, 2014

"Lino is fantastic to work with, a recruiter who honestly worked to understand you, your requirements and your business culture and standards. I have dealt with many recruiters and ultimately dealt exclusively with Lino as he made my entire job search experience very pleasant. I would recommend Summit Employment Solutions to all my friends and family."


Hi Lino | Oct, 2014

Hi Lino,

I thank Summit Employment Solutions for assisting me in my job search and making it so simple by connecting me to the right people/Clients for job interviews, making my entire job search experience very pleasant .I would recommend Summit Employment Solutions to all my friends and family.


Hi Lino | Aug, 2014

"Working with Lino has been a pleasant experience from the beginning. Lino is a professional, trustworthy and most of all very pleasant individual. During our conversations - Lino was always providing solid information. Having said that Lino knows the industry and is considered a great leader."

Barb | Apr, 2014

"I came to know Lino through Summit Employment Solutions where he helped me acquire a professional position. Lino is a gifted recruiter, he knows a variety of creative methods to help you land on the job you desire. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're having a hard time, he is always encouraging and positive. I would highly recommend Lino and will be certainly utilizing him for any future possibilities."

Burhan | Feb, 2014

Hi Lino,

Meet my good friend Geoffrey who I worked with at Marcus Evans. I mentioned to Geoff how your candor, honesty and genuine care for your clients was something that set you apart from the rest. Hope the two of you enjoy working together.

Phillip B.

Hi Lino | Feb, 2014


Thank you so much for all your help. I not only extremely appreciate it but I couldn't of gotten this far in my career without you.


Kevin A

Lino | Jan, 2014

Lino is a highly resourceful professional who instills confidence in those he places. It was a privelge to have worked with talent of his caliber.

Bobby | Sep, 2013

Hey Lino,

I just wanted to say thanks for the insight you provided me with today. It's been a while since I've dealt with a recruiter and your candor was very refreshing.

I will edit my resume tonight and send it over to you. You are the first person that's had anything critical to say about it. Maybe if someone had said something sooner I wouldn't be in this predicament!



Ron | Aug, 2013

Dear Ian,

"In this day and age of LinkedIn and internet recruiting, it is extremely easy for a recruiter to hide behind his or her computer and simply take an ivory tower approach to the hiring process.

I have utilized Ian in a recent job search for a managerial position. During the whole process Ian demonstrated himself to be the consummate professional. He kept his word on the communication word and followed up frequently.

I will definitely utilize Summit Solutions going for in a role that will require recruiting as he epitomizes the Summit Solutions approach to client service."

Keith C

Ian | May, 2013


It was a pleasure meeting with you today. Your keen observations and approaches to the recruiting industry are truly a breath of fresh air. I have taken your feedback and put it together in the attached documents.

I trust these are sufficient but I look forward to your input.

Keith | Apr, 2013

Hi Estelle, Lino,

It was a pleasure meeting with both you and Lino yesterday.   I truly appreciate the honesty and transparency in your approach.  Again, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and I hope to be in contact with you soon.

Jim | Nov, 2012

Hi Lino,

I just wanted to let you know I have most recently accepted an offer from M--- S--- as a Benefits Analyst. I know the tips you gave me on resume building and the websites you encouraged me to use were of utmost help and I'd like to give you my thanks.

Always thankful,

Robert G | Oct, 2012

Estelle and Lino, thank you very much for taking my personal interview today. I appreciate the cordial welcome to your office, polite behaviour, smiling faces and asking in-depth queries about my past job accomplishments as well as educational background. Your keen attention to detail and to my educational documents helped me to share about my past achievements; understand your expectations, and my career planning for the future. I smelled a strong team spirit flow among the staff at your office. It's my pleasure to be there with you all.

Lloyd | Jul, 2012


Thank you so much for meeting with me today.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.  I am so glad that I came down to meet with you, and I think the $18.75 ticket that I got was more than worth it!

Hope you have a good weekend. I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Lisa | Jul, 2012

Good afternoon Lino and Estelle,

I hope this email finds you well. After taking the weekend to think about our conversation and look into the details of your client, I believe that this opportunity will provide me with a unique experience and provide me with opportunities for growth that I may not have attained in the more conventional careers I was considering.

I would also like to thank you and Estelle for taking the time to meet with me and have what turned out to be one of the best discussions I have had to date. It was eye opening and amazing to finally meet with individuals who understood me, my thinking, and my ambition in life.

Again, I thank you both greatly for that meeting.

I look forward to working with you through this process.


Kris | Jul, 2012

I would like to thank Ian and Estelle for helping me on my job hunting process.  Obviously you both care for the candidates. Your approach is personalized on each candidate based on our skills and experiences.

For Ian: I really appreciate the time you spent on me, making sure that I was on top of everything, making sure that I explored the company first before going for the interview, explaining to me the hiring process, what to expect and what to prepare for the interview.

For Estelle: Your wisdom and good judgement and feeling where I came from are really appreciated. Your constructive criticism on my resume making sure that it is well updated has not been put to waste.

I wish all recruitment firm has the compassion that Summit Solutions has. Thank you guys and more power!!!   

John T. | Jun, 2012

Hey Ian,

It was a pleasure to speak with you and Lino. No Matter how this turns out for me it is good to know there are still employment agencies that make an effort.

Thanks so much

Rick | May, 2012

Thank you, Lino for your time in meeting with me. I appreciate your integrity, professionalism, and commitment to know your client's needs. I sincerely look forward to a positive outcome from the next level meeting. Thank you for your confidence that I will shine with this opportunity.



Mei | Apr, 2012


I really wanted to thank you for taking the time you did with me yesterday. It is clear to me that you have been at this a long time, and care about what you do. I feel like you got a good understanding of where I am coming from and where I need to go. I will be looking forward to working with you.

I will have this resume to you by Monday morning. Have a nice weekend.


Mark B. | Dec, 2011

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with Lino Ferrara and Summit Solutions in securing a significant position with a tremendous organization.

Lino was professional and worked in my best interest throughout the negotiation process to ensure that the best outcome was achieved.

David H. (London, ON) | Nov, 2011

Lino is truly a reliable, honest and professional recruiter. His detailed knowledge of his client's expectations, allowed him to match my talents successfully. Lino is personable and I will always remember how relaxed I was in his presence. He understood my career goal and exceeded in meeting my expectations!

Yolanda | Oct, 2011

Dear Lino,

I would be remiss if I didn't send a thank you your way as well.

Thank you for taking notice of my résumé, when you see so many in a day and especially for being so quick to respond and arrange for me to meet your client. Your dedication to your work is unparallelled in my experience. Your availability and guidance has been a huge support in the job interview stage. I really appreciate that you are not just trying to put a warm body in a chair. You are ensuring a good fit for both employer and future employee. Thank you for being upfront and honest with me from the very beginning. I have had such a positive experience with you already that I would have no trouble referring strong candidates for your future needs or for that matter, letting my HR contacts know about your recruiting expertise. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help.

In the meantime Jarrod confirmed that he is checking his email this weekend, and stated that he looks forward to our meeting next week and that he will arrange it on Monday. Already it has been great to connect with three new people, including yourself. Thank you for making a traditionally stressful process actually very enjoyable and... fun.

Have a great weekend and although we will talk before you leave, I hope your trip to Montréal goes very well in work and weather.

Marlene | Aug, 2011

Hello Mr. Ferrara

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and skills set. The interview we had was quite informative and insightful. Based on the talk we had I have found it in the best interest to focus on school and acquiring more Canadian education and stay on longer at my current job to have a consistent resume.
Thank you so much for the guidance and advice.

Albert | Aug, 2011


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our chat today. You were a fantastic interviewer and a great laugh. You probably learned more about me during our "chat" than any interviewer I have known.

I look forward to hearing from you,

PS - After some thought, buy a place in France....

Julie | Jun, 2011

From the moment I met Lino his wisdom, breadth of experience and personable approach was refreshing. His ability to provide feedback, suggest improvements and ensure I have an effective professional profile was and still is vital to this day.

Omar | May, 2011

It has been my pleasure to work with Summit Solutions over the past several months to help our organization recruit qualified sales staff for our expansion needs across Canada. To date our company has secured four new Sales Representatives and I have confidence the team at Summit Solutions will continue to provide us with the quality of sales professionals we expect and require to fulfill our needs. Rishi, thanks for your support!

David - Director of Sales | May, 2011

Hello Lino,

I had an interview with you regarding possible sales positions. You gave me the best advice and I am now employed for a company that you had described as my Ideal. Med to small with a fair amount of autonomy.

Best regards

Lawrence | May, 2011

I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet me on Monday, you gave me some good career advice that I can use in my job search. I have been looking on line at some of the marketing, customer service and sales jobs and thinking about applying to them. I also looked at some marketing courses at Seneca. I had a look at the sample resume you sent me and it looks good. Its less then 1page and gets to the point. I will change the format on my resume and send them out. Also I will try and keep an open mind. Thanks again

Anthony | Apr, 2011

Lino is an amazing guy with very clear objectives on any mission he takes on. I have known Lino for years and his acumen to read right into the middle of what is important is one of his key strengths. Lino is razor sharp in understanding what is critical to a candidate and what clients are looking for in their potential employees.

Sudhama | Jun, 2010

Lino and I first met in 2006, as I was beginning a job search. While that particular search resulted in me finding a position on my own, Lino stayed in touch with me over the next few years. When I entered my next search, Lino was the first person I contacted. He took the time to understand what I was really looking for - and instead of putting just anything in front of me, he put me in touch with companies and positions that aligned perfectly with my personal and professional goals. We still talk on a regular basis - he goes the extra mile to put the personal touch in his work. His passion and enthusiasm for his business shine through every time I chat with him - usually on Saturday evenings!!

Jessica | May, 2010

There are lot of recruiters out there, but Lino was one of the few who was able to deliver on his promise to help me land a career job and he put me on the right path.

Christopher | May, 2010

Lino taught me to be aggressive, hard working and strive for success. He has taught me many things within the staffing industry and I gained valuable experience working closely with him.

Neil | May, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the Sales Coordinator/ Inventory position with me. After meeting with you and speaking to you about the job, I am convinced that my background and skills will fulfill the requirements necessary. I really appreciate that you took so much time to familiarize me with the position. I also respect the honesty in which you approached the overview of my resume. In addition to my qualifications and experience, I will bring excellent work habits and judgment to this position. Again, thank you for your time and if you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Steve | Apr, 2008