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To All Our Valued And Potential Clients:

Summit Employment Solutions caters to organizations in various industries. We provide custom-tailored solutions that fit our clients specific HR needs.

Our dedicated staff combined with a pool of first rate talent allows us to meet your most challenging staffing needs. Whether it be developing an HR department from the ground up or assisting a company experiencing rapid growth demand. Working together with your hiring managers, our recruiters will develop and deploy effective recruitment strategies that produce the results you're looking for.

While our approach to each project is specifically tailored to deliver results, our commitment to reaching excellence applies to clients both large and small.

Receiving Your Search Assignment Order

  • Ensure that we fully understand your needs and expectations relative to the position being recruited for
  • Gather the essential information about your company/organization to aid communication with potential candidates
  • Confirm our fee and guarantee: on a contingency basis, a fixed percentage of the annual compensation with an industry leading guarantee
  • Establish the recruiting process: method, time frame, interview procedure, and candidate testing (if desired)

Conducting The Search

  • Review our candidate database and Hot File for suitable candidates
  • Employ direct recruiting (“headhunting”) for industry specific candidates
  • Conduct strategic advertising
  • Review candidates’ career histories and match candidates’ skills (education/training/experience) with the position requirements
  • Conduct preliminary interviews in person (or, where necessary, by phone)
  • Identify candidates’ career expectations and goals and how they relate to the position
  • Provide candidates with information about the position, the company, and the compensation and benefits
  • Conduct preliminary reference inquiries

Presenting The Candidate Shortlist

  • Present the short list of candidates for your consideration (candidate profiles, resumes and comments from preliminary reference checks)
  • Follow up to receive your impressions and to address any concerns

Arranging Candidate Interviews

  • Consult with you to determine date, time and location of interviews. You may use our offices if you choose
  • Contact selected candidates to confirm and arrange interviews


  • Contact you for the outcome of your interviews, decisions made and any additional placement instructions
  • Contact the candidates to receive their impressions and address concerns where appropriate
  • Conduct formal reference checks on final candidates: a minimum of two formal reference checks will be provided for each candidate with current/former supervisors
  • Work with you to determine the final offer
  • Coordinate the offer and negotiate with candidate if necessary

Closing Your Search Assignment

  • Finalize communication with the successful candidate
  • Personally notify unsuccessful candidates
  • Personally follow up with both you and the new hire at the 3-week mark and the 3-month mark
  • Request your evaluation of our firm’s performance on the search assignment in order to maintain a high quality of customer service


  • Each candidate hired by our clients will be guaranteed for ninety (90) calendar days
  • To request a quote or to obtain additional information regarding our services, please contact us
Career Coaching Services

Resume Writing
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Career Coaching
Interview Preparation - Coaching
Hidden Job Search

Internal Restructuring

The Extended DISC personality profile analysis is a nonjudgmental assessment providing insight into behavioural styles in relation to people, situations and the environment. Extended DISC is an effective tool for the job selection process that provides a standard for evaluating candidates for a position and is a powerful system for team building. It can be used for building and choosing team members and to help team members become more effective and aware of their strengths and areas for improvement. We are able to help organizations determine where team members can be better aligned to utilize those strengths.

Outplacement Services

Termination is a trying process that affects both the employer and the employee(s). Outplacement support is a comprehensive company policy that warrants the best possible transition for terminated employees they optimize your corporate integrity by ensuring a positive change procedure during restructuring, downsizing or terminations. We offer Outplacement programs developed for all levels of employees, ranging from non-managers to C-level executives. We are committed to providing outplacement services that are tailored to assisting personnel to reenter the workforce as soon as possible.

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