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Outplacement Services

Termination is a trying process that affects both the employer and the employee(s). Outplacement support is a comprehensive company policy that warrants the best possible transition for terminated employees. These career transition programs are normally paid for by the organization. This service is offered on top of any severance package or payment that would normally be given to an employee upon termination.

Our outplacement package is provided to you and is typically included in the employee's termination letter.

The career transition program with Summit Employment Solutions consists of a large range of services that are designed to help the terminated employee enter into a new position as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

We offer individual and group outplacement workshops. Individual one-on-one workshops are designed for the entry-level, mid, executive and senior management level. Group workshops are designed as a cost-effective way for entry-level terminated employees to make the exiting process as efficient, straightforward, painless and as trouble-free as possible for all parties.
Outplacement services are intended to quickly and efficiently assist your exiting employee on the right job search path with the skills needed to get reemployed.

These career transition programs are normally paid for by the organization, and is a service offered on top of any severance package or payment that would normally be given to an employee upon termination.

What are the Advantages for the Employer?

Why would an organization want to provide outplacement services and spend additional money on terminated employees, especially if the reason for the lay-off was to reduce company spending and save the company money? There are numerous benefits for the employer to use such services.
Aside from protecting the employer or organization from the potential of exposure to legal and/or financial costs due to the termination of an employee, outplacement services offer numerous other advantages and benefits. Outplacement services may reduce stress for all parties, and conceivably eliminate negative publicity towards the organization.

An employer may benefit when the following is provided to the employer:

  • Employment Standards Act information
  • Tips on how to effectively terminate
  • Workshops on group transition for remaining employees

Our outplacement services consultant can also help coach and train the supervisor(s) beforehand on what to say and not to say during the termination process/meeting. Our consultant can help focus on the facts as opposed to the emotional aspects of the termination. This can help during the transition process as we offer on-site service the day of the termination to the employee.

What are the Advantages for the Employee?

Terminated employees often feel a sense of panic and fear about their future and how they are going to get by. For those whose identities are strongly linked to their careers, the loss of a job is very painful and embarrassing. Experience has shown that many individuals describe early stages of career transition process as an “emotional roller coaster”. Work provides focus, structure and a sense of identity and self-worth. These employees are often unaware what their next steps are in their professional lives. If they are caught off guard by the termination, have been out of the job market for many years, have very specialized or senior positions or have familial or other obligations, outplacement services can help them deal with these very real concerns.

An outplacement process usually helps maintain company goodwill and a positive reputation, as the terminated employee knows that the company cares and is doing what they can to assist them in any manner.

Why Should I Choose Summit Employment Solutions Outplacement Services?

Job Placement Services: We work hand in hand with the consultants at Summit Employment Solutions Recruitment side of the company, which is a highly successful boutique recruiting company specializing in various employment roles for companies of all sizes. We have partnered with them to assist the terminated employee in the search of a new career opportunity.

By using the Summit Employment Solutions Outplacement services, you and the terminated employee(s) are able to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the job market across the country.

We Know What Employers are Looking For: The excellent reputation of Summit Employment Solutions l employment services, allows us to become extremely familiar with what employers are looking for in an employee. As such, we are able to help employees tailor their job search so that it is in line with what is required in the job market.

Experienced Coaches: Summit Employment Solutions has employed certified coaches/ trainers that have been in the coaching/teaching/training industry for over a decade and have supported thousands of individuals with their job search.

Package Details and Pricing:

Our outplacement packages vary in cost; length and services provided, depending on what is required. You can work with our firm to come up with a tailored package that meets your requirements and budget or you can choose from the packages listed below.

Outplacement Services




(incl. mid-management)


(incl. Sr. executives, VPs & directors)

Pre-coaching (needs)
/ self-assessment

personal career coaching-

A career coach will define immediate and long-term career goals & design a plan for achieving those goals.

2 months

4 months

6 months

12 months

Individual Coaching-

Benefit from coaching on elements of the career transition process.

Group Coaching-

A cost-effective way to benefit from sessions on elements of the career transition process (minimum of 5 participants at a fee of $600.00 each)

Career Assessment,
evaluation & training-

Identify the skills, assets, experiences, values and knowledge that will help market the clients ‘skills’ to target the best fit.

Resume review & revision-

Including different versions of a resume if targeting more than one industry.

Cover letter & thank you letters and follow-up -

(if necessary/required)

Personality Analysis

Identifies client’s likes, how they work best in specific situations & what environment is best suited for them when moving forward in their career search. (Those who know themselves better and use this knowledge can live happier, more successfully lives, advance their development, learn how to deal with difficulties better and are able to reach their potential easier).

Behavioural Analysis
(Extended DISC)-

Extended DISC assessment for self assessment and personal behaviour style and how to modify their behaviour style appropriately with different styles of people and in different situations.

Job search strategy
/ planning & skills-

Opportunities to meet with top recruiters/hiring managers. Guidance to uncover the best opportunities by using the latest job search techniques.

Internal resume data base;
job placement-

Assistance in terms of actual job placement as we have a recruiting division to our firm; automatic membership of our resume data base for eligibility to any of our recruiters for positions across Canada

Monthly Newsletter-

Membership to our newsletter with advice and market trends.

“Ask a Recruiter”-

Have a question on any career related topic, and you will receive a response within 1 business day.

Comprehensive career management workbook-

Workbook and training materials that includes: valuable information on job sourcing, how to tweak your resume, interview techniques, how to market “yourself” and a lot of additional valuable information for job acquisition.

Interview preparation-

perfect telephone and in-person interviewing techniques

Financial Advice → referral-

Referral to experienced financial advisors to ensure financial well-being when large severance packages are received.

Networking preparations
& training-

Develop referral, contact and target lists and how to best utilize them.

Salary Negotiations-

Our experienced recruiters are skilled in teaching/ helping the client negotiate salaries, so they create a win-win outcome.

Executive ‘preferred company’ job search-

A list of preferred “ideal” companies that the client wants to work for, and we will contact the company and act as mediators for job acquisition.



Exclusive access to preferred companies /vendors for company updates-

Personalized regular feedback and updates for exclusive preferred vendor job search updates. Every step of the process with the preferred companies will be communicated to the individual by our recruitment team.


Customized packages geared toward entry, managerial, senior level and c-level positions in order to serve a diverse group of employees as well as budgetary needs (to be negotiated).

Outplacement Pricing

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